reasons I love my glass coffee table

4 reasons why I love my Walker Edison glass oval coffee table

In my continuing effort to expand my horizons, I went shopping for a glass coffee table. I admit that shopping for a unique piece of furniture doesn’t sound very adventurous. But for me, the idea of having a stylish, contemporary glass coffee table in front of my couch was a big step.

So in 2016, I made an adventurous leap and ordered my Walker Edison oval-shaped glass coffee table. Since then, I’ve been very happy that I took a chance with this furniture. In fact, here are the 4 reasons why I love my Walker Edison glass oval coffee table.

4 reasons why I love my Walker Edison glass oval coffee table

1. Very attractive, very stylish coffee table

I love this table’s contemporary styling, along with its hint of retro coolness. The glistening glass and gleaming chrome legs would fit right in with the futuristic interior design of the Jetson’s. And, the artistically curved lines would please even the most demanding Hollywood movie star.

Despite those lofty aspirations, my ghostly glass coffee table fits right in with my own, more humble and functional design requirements. I’ve actually used my beautiful furniture to prop up my feet while I relaxed in front of the television.

However, just because I’m not a person of vast financial wealth doesn’t mean I can’t dream. It’s always been my fantasy to replicate a 1960’s Palm Spring style of interior design in my own home.

To be more precise, I wanted my home’s interior design to look like Frank Sinatra had lived there. In a small way, my glass coffee table, along with its unique oval shape, has helped get me one step closer to that dreamy Palm Springs style of interior design that I covet.

This stylish glass coffee table goes well in a variety of interior designs

2. Fits in a wide variety of interior designs

The beauty of this oval-shaped glass coffee table is that it fits into a wide variety of interior designs. It’s sleek, stylish lines fit in with a modern, contemporary, and minimalist style.

The clean glass shelves also blend into other interior design styles, including the retro look, shabby chic, art deco (which I love), bohemian, eclectic, or traditional. I’d even consider this coffee table for an industrial or rustic setting.

I’ve used my glass coffee table in two locations in my home. First, I placed it between my couch and television and used it as a regular coffee table. There, it blended right in with my simple, everyday way of life.

Recently, to make room for my new vintage coffee table, I moved it to a small sitting area in my larger living room. There it sits, along with my violet-colored couch and my red side chair. For some reason, this cozy sitting area now reminds me of the movie, Austin Powers.

In the future, I’d like to order an identical glass coffee table to use in my bedroom. I’d place it right beside my bed, and use it to hold my cell phone, a stylish lamp, along with a few books. It would look beautiful there and add a unique, romantic ambience.

3. Easy to put together

I bought my Walker Edison glass oval coffee table in 2016 from Amazon. They shipped it in a well-protected package. The instructions and all the parts were included.

With this coffee table, you won’t need tools. As I remember, I used my bare hands to screw the chrome legs into the three separate glass shelves.

Total assembly took me about 30 minutes, but it might take you even less time. Afterwards, I went back and snugged all the legs tight. Then, I flipped the table right-side up, and tested it for stability. It was solid and stable, just like any piece of furniture should be.

For the final step, I wiped both sides of the glass shelves with paper towels along with distilled white vinegar. I also cleaned the chrome legs. Afterwards, everything glistened.

One reviewer on Amazon noted that the oil from his fingers removed the frosting from the smaller frosted glass panels. I didn’t have that problem.

During assembly, I touched both sides of the frosted glass panels. Then, I cleaned them with vinegar. None of the frosting came off for me.

4. Easy to keep clean

Just like you, I’ve had wooden coffee tables in the past. To prevent stains, I had to be very careful to use coasters for beverages. With my glass coffee table, I don’t need to use coasters for beverages, and I don’t need a placemat for food items.

After I use the coffee table, the glass shelves are easy to clean to a sparkling shine. I use a small fabric or paper towel, along with my environmentally friendly distilled white vinegar.

There have never been beverage stains, including red wine stains, that I could not easily wipe clean. That’s very nice, and very convenient. You’ll find it very convenient to keep your own glass coffee table clean, too.


Length: 38 inches

Height: 17 inches

Width: 20 inches

Weight: 30 pounds (very solid table)

— 3 glass shelves

The three glass shelves are all beveled on the edges. Just like your car windshield or your sliding glass patio door, this glass is tempered to prevent serious injury.

My glass table still looks brand new, even after three years of daily use. The glass has never shattered.

In my case, I ordered the Wave Bottom model, which means that the smaller, frosted glass shelves are on the bottom. You can also order a uniquely gorgeous Wave Top model.

In that case, you’ll get the smaller and unfrosted shelves on the top, while the larger glass panel is frosted and goes on the bottom. Both models look beautiful.

— 10 steel legs

With my Wave Bottom model, I received 10 steel legs. In reality, the legs are not steel. My guess is they’re made out of plastic, and come with a chrome-like coating.

Either way, they do an excellent job of keep the table stable and secure. My table has no wobble, which is really nice when I prop my feet up on the upper glass shelf.

My recommendation

I really think you’ll enjoy your Walker Edison glass oval coffee table — I know I do. Because of its popularity, there are lots of similarly designed items available today. My guess is that the competitors’ also have quality offerings, and all are economically priced.

In addition, there are other gorgeous styles of coffee tables that use glass shelves. From my experience, glass shelves are beautiful and durable. I wish I had considered a glass coffee table many years ago for my own living space.

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