7 reasons I love my Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown smartphone

7 reasons I love my Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown smartphone

Recently, I bought another Samsung smartphone. After a month of moderate use, I’m including those experiences in the 7 reasons I love my Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown smartphone.

I’ve been happy with my Samsung smartphones

I’ve had a string of Samsung phones, including a Galaxy J7 Sky Pro and a Galaxy J3 Luna. As I’ve used these devices, I was impressed with their dependability and low price.

LG battery had overheated

Prior to my Samsung smartphone experiences, I had a really nice LG smartphone. The big problem with that device was its battery. It would get so hot that I was concerned it might start a fire in my house as I slept.

In fact, one night my phone felt so hot that I removed the battery before turning in. What’s the point of having a smartphone if you have to remove the battery just to feel safe?

That’s when I switched to Samsung. Since then, I’ve been a loyal and happy Samsung Galaxy user. Better yet, I never had a battery overheat in my Samsung devices.

7 reasons I love my Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown smartphone

1. A 13 megapixel (MP) front and rear facing cameras

I thought my last Samsung Galaxy had a great camera — it gave me high-quality photos and videos. But that great quality was only an introduction to the superior quality of my new Galaxy J7 Crown camera.

This device has a 13 MP rear-facing camera with a flash. Even better, the front facing camera also features 13 MP quality. Both front and rear cameras can produce 1920 x 1080 high definition resolution.

At this time, not even the much more expensive iPhone X devices can match that quality. Instead, the current iPhone X only has 12 MP front and rear cameras. Sure, 12 MP cameras can produce high-quality photos and video, but the J7 Crown’s 13 MP quality does an even better job.

2. Samsung Smart Switch app is easy to use

Samsung has a time-saving free app called Smart Switch. With it, I’ve easily saved countless hours transferring all my contacts, photos, videos, and messages from my old phone to my new J7 Crown.

To make Smart Switch work, both your old and new device need the app installed. Then, you can connect with a USB, your desktop, or through your wireless router at home.

I chose my wireless router to transfer everything. All I did was follow the prompts from both my old and new devices, and the process was complete in about 15 minutes.

According to Samsung’s website, anyone with an Android operating system can use the app to transfer data. In addition, it will also work with Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and iOS users.

I’ve only ever used the Smart Switch app on my Samsung devices, so I can’t vouch for how it works between competing operating systems. However, if you run into trouble transferring data from a another device, Google Play should have other trustworthy, free apps available to do the job.

Samsung Smart Switch is easy to use
Samsung’s Smart Switch app makes it easy
to move contacts, photos, data —
just follow the easy prompts

photo by Doug Martin

3. Face recognition security

Just like you, I have my banking and brokerage apps loaded on my smartphone. In addition, I have the Walmart Pay app, which I use almost every week. For those reasons alone, I’m very concerned about keeping my smartphone secure and tamper-proof.

That’s why I was pleased to see face recognition security available on the J7 Crown. Face recognition is a quick way to unlock your device, but also keeps it secure in case it gets lost or is stolen.

One downside risk of Samsung’s facial recognition application is that, according to a report by C/NET, it places convenience over security.

4. SD memory card slot up to 400 GB

If you’re like me, you use your smartphone to take pics and record videos. To keep from running out of space with my older Galaxy devices, I periodically saved my content to a cloud account.

Now, with my new Galaxy J7 Crown, I can insert an SD memory card to store my media files. For me, the SD card eliminates the fear of running out of storage space on my device just when I want to make a video of my grandchildren.

The J7 can support a memory card up to 400GB. In addition, this device has internal memory of 16 GB.

Since the front and rear facing cameras capture photos at 13 MB, the internal 16 GB memory can store about 3,800 photos. That’s a lot of photos, but when the grandkids come for a visit, I can use that space up fast.

5. Easy to use smartphone

Just like my previous Galaxy smartphones, the J7 Crown is super-easy to use. The settings to personalize the phone for your specific uses are intuitive.

I’ve noticed there’s an emphasis on longer battery life, so the screen was a little less bright than I wanted. When I made the screen settings brighter, I received an annoying pop-up message warning me that my battery would not retain a charge as long with the new settings.

Those warnings were annoying, because it’s just common sense that brighter screen settings use up more power.

Otherwise, this Galaxy has lots of useful prompts that make it easy to personalize the settings. The menus are easy to navigate, so I can get things done fast.

6. Battery is not removable

One or two reviewers on Amazon didn’t like the fact that the J7 Crown’s battery is not removable. However, I love that feature. I’ve never had to remove or replace a battery in any of my Galaxy smartphones.

7. Other great features

Other lovable features of this smartphone include:

  • 5.5 inch high definition screen
    The resolution is 720 x 1280 on this high definition touch-screen.
  • 2 GB RAM and 1.56GHz octa-core processor
    All operations, including web surfing, are very fast
  • Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology
    I haven’t used Bluetooth yet, but I hear it’s very convenient while you’re driving.
  • 6.03 inches long, 3 inches wide, 1/3 inch thick
  • Weighs 6.38 ounces
    That’s about the same weight as my last Galaxy.
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi
    I’ve connected my wireless router in my home to the J7 Crown. To save data, I swipe down from the top, then tap the wireless icon. If I leave home, it just takes one top on the wireless icon to turn it off. It’s so easy.

Final verdict

Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown smartphone

As you can probably tell, I really, really like my Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown smartphone. It was easy to transfer my connections and my media content. Now that I’ve used it for a month, this smartphone is fun and easy to use.

I recommend this phone. You’ll love its convenience, too, and you’ll also love the affordable price.

By Doug Martin, Opportunity Muse.

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by Doug Martin and Opportunity Muse.
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