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Folding saw heavy duty extra long 11 inch blade review

I have lots of drought-tolerant landscape plants that need pruning. After breaking the blade on my old saw, I searched for a light-weight, heavy-duty pruning saw. This is my folding saw, heavy duty extra long 11 inch blade review.

Broke the blade on my hacksaw

Before I bought my new Rexbeti folding saw with its extra-long 11-inch blade, I pruned my plants with an old Craftsman hacksaw. I know hacksaws aren’t designed to do gardening chores, but it worked well for me.

In fact, my Craftsman hacksaw lasted 15 years without a single problem. Occasionally, I had to tighten the blade, but that was it.

Recently, I was sawing off a long, fibrous date palm frond. Without warning, the blade broke. To finish up the job, I used a smaller, portable saw I usually keep around to cut PVC pipe. That saw broke, too!

Searched for a durable folding saw

All my saws were broken, and they could not be fixed. Of course, I could have bought a replacement blade for my Sears Craftsman hacksaw, but that seemed like too much work.

Plus, if I spent only a little bit more, I’d get a brand new saw. Since I was looking for a new saw anyway, I wanted one that would be more compact and easier to store than my old hacksaw.

The most compact saws I could find were the all-purpose folding hand saws. The blades folded into the handles, and they all had a convenient hole so I could hang them in my garage.

Lots of good choices and brands

As I searched, I saw lots of good choices. There was the popular Bahco 396-LAP folding saw. The he Corona Razor folding pruning saw was another popular brand.

I was also impressed with the EverSaw all-purpose hand saw, as well as the Tabor Tools folding saw with a curved blade.

After I explored all the possibilities, I decided to order the Rexbeti folding saw, heavy duty extra long 11-inch blade. The price was right, shipping was free, and the manufacturer (Rexbeti) had their own store on Amazon.

Folding saw with a heavy-duty 11-inch steel blade

Vital statistics

The Rexbeti folding saw, which I plan to use mostly as a pruning saw, has these vital stats:

— 11 inch long saw blade
— saw blade made out of SK-5 steel
— non-slip polymer handle covered with rubber
— blade (11-inch length) folds into handle (12-inch length)
— total length is 22 inches with saw extended
— weighs a light 12.2 ounces

This sounded like the perfect folding saw for me, so I placed my order.

Delivery was good, product was good

I received my folding saw, also known as the dry wood pruning saw with hard teeth by Rexbeti, very fast. It came in its own product box.

Must tighten hinge bolt

On the box, there was an illustration which implied that a bolt on the hinge needed to be tightened. So, I found my Phillips head screw driver, and tightened the screw.

It was a simple process, but one which I might easily have overlooked. After all, it was just an illustration with no written instructions. In my experience, I do better when written instructions come along with the illustrations.

tighten hinge bolt
I followed the illustration’s instructions,
and tightened the hinge bolt

photo by Doug Martin

Some abrasions on the steel saw blade

Whenever I buy a product, especially a hardware product like this folding saw, I inspect it to be sure it hasn’t been used before. In the past, I had ordered brand new products but had been sent used products.

I noticed the knife had some abrasions. Naturally, I wondered if it was normal for a steel saw knife to have abrasions. Well, after looking more closely, I didn’t see any other indications that it had been used.

The knife was clean — there were no bits of sawdust on the knife or on the handle. Other than the fine abrasions, I couldn’t find other signs that the saw knife might have been used.

Plus, the hinge bolt had to be tightened, so I took that as a good sign that it had not been used before. So, I was satisfied with its condition.

Features of the Rexbeti heavy-duty folding saw

Staggered saw teeth that are large and sharp

This saw’s teeth are large (see the pictures) and sharp. The Rexbeti folding saw has 7 of those teeth per inch (7 TPI).

If I were a camper, survivalist, or occasional weekend gardener (which I am), I could easily cut through dry wood or even green wood with the aggressive saw teeth .

The knife would even make butchering game easy. You could also make a desalination still for fresh water while you’re out in the wilderness — the saw blade will cut through any plastic you find on the trail.

11-inch long blade

The 11-inch long saw blade, along with the aggressively sharp teeth, makes it easy to cut through thick tree branches. I don’t have very thick branches in my landscape, but the blade easily cuts through thick, fibrous palm fronds.

sharp teeth cut fast
The sharp teeth on this pruning saw
quickly cut through this fibrous palm frond

photo by Doug Martin

Blade is made out of SK-5 steel

Durability is built into this saw blade — it’s made out of SK-5 steel. I noticed that the 11-inch blade does bend slightly. That flexibility is probably good, especially when you’re far away from civilization and cutting branches for firewood. The flexible blade will be less inclined to break.

Polymer handle gives you a firm grip

No matter whether it’s raining, sleeting, or snowing, the polymer handle has a non-slip rubber-coating to give you a firm grip. Even though I’m left-handed, this ambidextrous handle feels natural. I’m sure right-handed users will find this polymer handle very comfortable, too.

Saw blade folds into handle

One feature I especially like is that the 11-inch long saw blade folds into the handle for easy, compact storage. Folded up, the pruning saw can be conveniently stored into a backpack of supplies, or on a hook in the garage.

depress latch to fold saw
To fold the saw blade into the handle,
I used my thumb to depress the latch

photo by Doug Martin

— Use thick rubber band

Unfortunately, the saw blade does not lock into place when it’s in the folded position. The blade could jostle open in a backpack, which might be a serious hazard if a camper is searching for another item.

One effective and inexpensive way to prevent an accident is to use a thick rubber band or a cable tie to keep the blade locked into the folding position. For me, a thick rubber band works best and is most convenient. Just slip the rubber band over the end of the blade and handle, and everything is secure.

compact folding saw
Place a rubber band over the end
to secure the blade in the handle

photo by Doug Martin

Specially hardened triple-cut teeth

To be honest, I don’t know what ‘triple-cut teeth’ are. However, I do know that these teeth are extremely sharp. They cut smoothly through wet, dry, hard or soft wood, along with plastic, or even the bones from your freshly hunted game.

It’s good to know that when you’re out camping, you can depend on these saw teeth to not break off and to stay sharp.

Lifetime warranty

Rexbeti offers a lifetime warranty on their impressive folding saw. My life is mostly over, but I’m still hoping I can get at least 15 years of hard use out of this saw. That’s what my Sears Craftsman hacksaw gave me, so I’m hoping this pruning saw will at least match that record.

My recommendation

Folding saw heavy duty extra long 11 inch blade review

So far, I’m really impressed with this folding saw. It is a heavy duty pruning saw with an extra long 11-inch blade and seems like it would cut through any type of wood.

I’ve already used it to prune the long fronds on my two Canary Island date palm trees. Their thick, fibrous branches are deceptively strong and can be difficult to cut through.

I breezed through that job, and even used the saw to cut the long branches down to 2 feet lengths. Heck, I just wanted to make it easy on my refuse collectors — they work hard, too.

Yes, I recommend this convenient and durable folding saw for any camper, any RV’er, any hunter, any person who enjoys fishing, or any person like me who enjoys gardening.

As my Canary Island date palm trees grow, I’ll need to think about buying a DocaPole pruning saw and 24 foot pole for pruning.

By Doug Martin, Opportunity Muse.

Photos, graphics, and writing are copyright © protected
by Doug Martin and Opportunity Muse.
All rights reserved.

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