how to clean the chillout fan

How to clean the Chillout 2-speed personal fan

Cleaning a fan might sound intimidating. For instance, how can you get to the fan blades to clean them? Well, follow these simple directions to clean the Chillout 2-speed personal fan. If I can do it, you can do it, too! Plus, the cleaning directions should work with many other fans.

I bought my Chillout 2-speed personal fan (right click, open in new tab), model GF-55, back in 2016. Since then, I’ve used it almost every single day and during every single season — that even includes winter.

Because my Chillout personal fan has been a workhorse in my office, it’s only natural that the fan blades have accumulated dust. Fortunately, it’s very easy and fast to clean.

How to clean the Chillout 2-speed personal fan

Tools required:

— Phillips screwdriver

— Distilled vinegar, all-purpose cleaner, or water

— Paper towel or wash cloth

1. Remove screws from back of fan

On the back of the fan, there are six half-inch Phillips screws around the circumference.

Insert your Phillips screwdriver inside the hole until the pointed edges on the screwdriver mesh with the X-slotted screw head.

Then, loosen each screw.

Turn the fan upside down, and the screws will fall out.

remove the screws
Use a Phillips head screwdriver
to remove the 6 screws in the back

photo by Doug Martin

2. Lift and separate the back of the fan

While you have the fan laying face down on your work surface, lift up the back cover. Then, you’ll have easy access to the fan blades.

remove back safety cover
After you remove the screws, just lift
the back safety cover away from the fan

photo by Doug Martin

3. Clean fan blades

Using your paper towel or wash cloth and cleaning liquid, wipe the dust and other debris off the fan blades.

You can easily clean dust off the motor and other plastic parts, too.

clean fan blades
Use a cloth or paper towel to wipe
dust and debris off of fan blades

photo by Doug Martin

4. Clean back cover in sink

While the back cover is removed, wipe it down, also. Or, put the plastic back fan cover in your sink. There, you can thoroughly wash off all the dust and debris.

Be sure to thoroughly dry the back cover before reassembly.

5. Reassemble fan

After you’ve cleaned the fan blades, back cover, and other dusty areas, reassemble.

To reassemble, just reverse the process.

Line up the holes in the back cover with the front cover.

Then, reinsert the six Phillips screws.

Tighten screws.

My Chillout 2-speed personal fan is running all day for most of the year.
It’s never let me down!

It’s so simple, you can’t mess anything up!

Cleaning the Chillout 2-speed personal fan is so easy, even I didn’t mess it up. You’ll find it an easy and quick process, too.

Other fans should be easy to clean, too

If you’re like me, you have other good, dependable fans in addition to the Chillout personal fan. While they be a little more awkward to clean, all fans have a similar procedure for cleaning.

Just remove the back cover. Usually, the back cover is held in place with screws, or maybe clips that latch into place.

Once you have the back cover removed or swung out of position, clean the blades just like you did with the Chillout.

Then, reassemble.

By Doug Martin, Opportunity Muse.

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by Doug Martin and Opportunity Muse.
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