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My Infinity Instruments retro wall clock review

This is my Infinity Instruments retro wall clock review. In it, I discuss the delivery condition, unpacking, how I set it up, along with its accuracy and whether I liked how the wall clock looked in my room.

I needed a wall clock

I didn’t have a single wall clock in my house. The only way I knew the time was by looking at my oven, my computer, or my smartphone. I didn’t even have an alarm clock. Needless to say, it was time for me to get a wall clock.

I wanted a stylish wall clock

As far as my new wall clock, I wasn’t asking for much. A simple, contemporary, or even a retro look would work best in my newly-painted and newly-tiled living area and office space.

There were hundreds of choices

Little did I know that searching for a nice-looking wall clock could be so overwhelming. There were literally hundreds, and probably thousands of good choices.

I searched mostly online, and had spent hours in my quest. Finally, I settled on the Infinity Instruments retro wall clock.

You’ll get lots of compliments with this retro wall clock

Features of the Infinity Instruments retro wall clock

Round metal frame

The round metal frame is actually made out of metal, and not the cheap plastic frames that many lower-priced wall clocks have.

Wide variety of colors

I chose the white color, but there are other bright retro colors that could match any decor. Besides the white, black is a popular color and also the least expensive.

In addition, there is a bright orange, a rich burgundy, a sage green, and a flash-back yellow. As far as I’m concerned, all the colors are cool and I love them all.

However, I felt the white would work best for me and my neutral taupe walls. Maybe the skills I learned as a graphic designer came in handy in real-life situations.

Convex glass lens

To match the genuine metal frame, there is a convex glass cover. Of course, other lower-priced competing wall clocks usually have a clear plastic lens. I love the clear glass lens cover on this wall clock.

The glass is easy to clean, and adds authenticity to the retro look.

Accurate and quiet quartz movement

The second hand moves smoothly and quietly as it rotates. Best of all, it keeps accurate time.

Weighs 1.2 pounds

Despite having a metal frame and glass lens, this wall clock only weighs 1.2 pounds.

9.5 inch diameter, 3.15 inch depth

This 9.5 inch retro wall clock is a perfect size for kitchens, small bedrooms, and bathrooms. I have it in a larger room, but it’s centered around my television area.

Requires only 1 AA battery

It only needs 1 AA battery to work. I inserted an AA alkaline battery. They’re usually a little less expensive than other brand name batteries, and work really well.

One year warranty

The warranty from Infinity Instruments only covers this wall clock for one year. The Amazon listing incorrectly lists the warranty period as two years.

Just like all warranties, this one excludes misuse, alterations, or unauthorized repairs. In addition, it warns against hanging this wall clock in direct sunlight.

Here in southern Arizona, the direct sunlight could quickly fry any electronic device, even with the air conditioning set at a comfortable level. So, I hanged my wall clock where it will never contact direct sunlight.

Delivery condition

My Infinity Instruments retro wall clock was delivered fast, along with a few other items I had ordered. Just like always, the Amazon fulfillment center skimps on protective packing material.

Thankfully, the wall clock had its own cardboard box where it was well-protected from damage. In addition, the clock was secured to a protective cardboard backing support with two screws. That kept the wall clock from being jostled around during shipment.

Condition was perfect

Despite the lack of protective packing material in the larger box, the wall clock arrived in perfect condition. After I looked the wall clock over, I couldn’t find a scratch, nor could I find a dent.

retro wall clock was in good condition
I was relieved to see that my new
Infinity Instruments retro wall clock
was in perfect condition

photo by Doug Martin

How to set-up

1. Unscrew disposable backing fasteners

Set-up was easy. First, I unscrewed the two disposable fastening screws that kept the clock in place inside the protective cardboard box.

disposable screws secured clock
During shipment, the disposable
screws fastened to the clock
and backer board kept it secure

photo by Doug Martin

2. Insert battery

Second, I inserted the AA battery. The battery was a little difficult to slide into place. It was really a tight fit.

At first, I was afraid the the metal clips on the end weren’t in the correct position. However, after I maneuvered the ends of the battery around a little, I was able to slide it snugly into place without any damage.

AA battery fit tight
It was a tight fit for the AA alkaline
battery — I had to position it properly
to move it into position

photo by Doug Martin

3. Set the time

Third, I set the time using the knurled red knob that was right next to one end of the battery. For me, the knob was a difficult to maneuver. The knob was thin, and it was very close to the plastic base.

use red knurled knob to set time
To set the time, I used the red knurled
knob positioned next to battery

photo by Doug Martin

However, once I figured out how to use my fingernails and fingertips, I quickly set the correct time.

4. Hang the clock on the wall

Finally, I was able to hang the clock on the wall. I used a picture frame hook that I already had.

Using a small hammer, I tapped the nail of the small picture frame hook into the drywall. Then, it was easy for me to slide the pre-cut, bell-shaped opening over the hook of my hanger.

Besides using picture hangers, you might use a drywall anchor and a screw. Be sure to leave the screw head out from the drywall so you can hang the clock.

I always keep an inexpensive kit of both the picture hangers and the drywall anchors and screws around the house. That way, when I need to hang anything, including blinds, curtains, pictures, and a retro wall clock, I don’t have to make an extra trip to the hardware store.

clock hangs on picture hanger
I used a small, inexpensive picture hanger
to hang clock on the wall

photo by Doug Martin

How does the wall clock look?

It looks beautiful

The Infinity Instruments retro round metal wall clock looks beautiful! In fact, I love how it looks. Its simple and subtle retro design is perfect for my mid-century home.

The wall clock glistens

I love how the ambient light glistens on the white paint and clear glass cover. It looks so good, in fact, that I’m already picking out other places where I need more retro wall clocks.

Keeps accurate time

Besides the good looks, the most important characteristic of any wall clock is its accuracy. In the case of this Infinity wall clock, I’ve found it keeps extremely accurate time.

My recommendation

Infinity Instruments retro wall clock review

If you’re looking for a wall clock, I recommend you consider the Infinity Instruments retro wall clock. It looks beautiful, and has a unique design that invites compliments and initiates conversations. I love it.

By Doug Martin, Opportunity Muse.

Photos, graphics, and writing are copyright © protected
by Doug Martin and Opportunity Muse.
All rights reserved.

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