My Marcy recumbent exercise bike review

My Marcy recumbent exercise bike review

I had bought my last upright exercise bike about 15 years ago. Despite being expensive, it fell apart within a year’s time. So, I recently searched for an exercise bike that was inexpensive but was built-to-last. I settled on one promising piece of equipment. This is my Marcy recumbent exercise bike review.

Criteria for my recumbent exercise bike

As I shopped for my recumbent exercise bike, I had specific criteria to guide my search.

● Fits in my limited space

To keep my mind, my heart, and my body in the best possible health, I wanted to do more cardiovascular exercises. I wanted to workout inside my own home, so I could avoid the hot summer sun, the pouring monsoon rains, and the cold winter temperatures.

I didn’t have lots of extra room, so my new exercise bike had to fit in my limited space. My hope was to place it in my air-conditioned office. There, I could also use a fan to cool down after working up a sweat.

● Good value

Since I got burned after paying too much for my previous exercise bike, I wanted to be sure I got a good price. No matter what price I paid, I also wanted to be sure I was getting a good value with a bike that would last a long time.

● High quality

I didn’t want my recumbent exercise bike to fall apart in six months. In fact, I wanted my new purchase to last five years or more, just like the more expensive professional gym equipment does.

● Attractive design

Because I would store my new exercise equipment in my living area, I also wanted it to look good. There’s nothing worse than having an ugly piece of exercise equipment creating lots of clutter.

Marcy recumbent exercise bike met my criteria

My Marcy recumbent exercise bike has met all my criteria for exercise equipment. It takes up a small amount of space. Plus, if I want to hide it in another room, it has wheels built into the front stabilizing bar that make it easy to move.

On Amazon, I got a great price for this recumbent exercise bike. Even better than the low price was the superior quality. Just like my power tower that I had bought in 2012, this bike is well-built. I expect it to last five years or more.

I’m especially surprised at how nice the bike looks in my office. The design is simple, and even elegant. Plus, I love the gray and copper colors.

The Marcy recumbent exercise bike is well-built, looks good, and is an excellent value!


● Size

Once assembled, this recumbent exercise bike is almost 56 inches long and 25 inches wide. The seat height is a comfortable 18.5 inches, and the overall height is almost 38 inches.

● Weight

The shipping weight is almost 67 pounds. It was delivered in a large box that I found difficult to handle. Thankfully, the delivery person lifted it right inside my living room for me.

Once assembled, the final weight is 61 pounds. Despite the heavy weight from the steel frame, it’s still easy to move from room-to-room because of the wheels built into the front stabilizer bar.

● Supports up to 300 pounds

According to the instructions, this exercise bike will support a person weighing up to 300 pounds. I weight about 170 pounds, and it easily supported me. As I exercised, the bike was stable. I suspect that if I weighed more, the bike would be even more stable.

● Steel frame

The Marcy recumbent exercise bike is built to last a long time. The frame is made out of 14-gauge steel tubing and is held together with thick bolts that provide stability.

After using my bike for a week, I used the supplied wrench to tighten any of the nuts that may have worked lose. Only one did, and I nudged it tight.

The instructions recommend that we check and tighten the nuts prior to each use. From my experience, a once-a-month inspection should work well.

● Padded saddle seat and back support

The foam padded saddle seat is really comfortable, and the padded back support is also nice. This padded seat and back is much more comfortable than the saddle seat on my old upright exercise bike.

Because of the seat comfort, I can exercise as long as I can. At least, I can exercise as long as I can before I pass out from exhaustion.

● Magnetic resistance

This bike has 8 levels of resistance. The number 1 is the lowest resistance level, and is best for leisurely pedaling, while the number 8 is the highest level of resistance.

Resistance can be changed with a well-built tension control knob. By turning the knob to the higher numbers, you actually move the large magnets closer to the flywheel.

However, after I had used this bike for the first time, I was disappointed that the highest resistance level (8) was still too easy for me to pedal. Even at 8, I barely had to push myself. To get my heart pumping and make myself sweat, I needed more resistance.

Remove side covers to fine-tune resistance levels

To increase the resistance, I removed the screws holding the flywheel covers to the frame.

Then, I carefully slid the plastic frame to the side. Inside, there is a limit set screw which determines how close the magnets get to the flywheel.

Adjust limit set screw for more resistance

To increase the resistance, I needed to move the magnets closer to the flywheel. I loosened the nuts on the limit set screw. Then, it was easy to hand-turn the set screw clockwise a few revolutions. That minor adjustment did move the magnets closer to the flywheel.

I tightened the nuts to prevent the limit set screw from moving, put the covers back into place, and tried the resistance at number 8. It was better, but still didn’t provide enough resistance for my level of fitness. I repeated the process, and pedaled again.

This time, the resistance was much better, and gave me much more of a challenge to pedal. So, I put the covers back into place, and tightened the screws.

If you’re unhappy with the low level of resistance, you might try adjusting the limit set screw, just like I show in the picture below. It was a surprisingly easy fix.

fine tune resistance levels
To add even more resistance to your workout,
remove side covers, loosen nuts on limit set screw,
and turn set screw clockwise to move
magnets closer to flywheel

photo by Doug Martin

● Weighted foot pedals

The weighted foot pedals are also well-made and provide great foot support. In addition, there are thick rubber foot straps that can be adjusted to accommodate different shoe sizes. I wear a size 10 Nike Airs, and I found the foot straps to be a little too tight. I wish the foot straps had a wider range of adjustment.

● Computer display panel

The computer screen looks attractive, and was easy to attach to the frame. In addition to your workout time, the computer calculates the number of calories you’ve burned, along with your speed and distance.

Even though this computer gives you lots of valuable information, I still haven’t used it. For my workouts, I usually try and judge the effectiveness by how long I can maintain my target heart rate. If I have lots of energy, I keep pedaling. If I get tired, I stop.

● Quick release knob

The spring-loaded quick release knob on the adjustable bottom bar makes it easy to adjust the length of the bike for different users. I unscrewed the the knob, lifted it while I moved the back bottom bar forward.

After the bar gets to the next hole, it snaps into place automatically. To move the bottom bar forward even more, I just pulled the knob up and slid the bar forward.

The key to getting the release knob to work correctly is to release it while you move the bottom bar forward. Then, it will snap into the next hole by itself. You don’t have to visually line up the hole — the pin will snap into the hole by itself when you slide it forward.

spring-loaded quick release knob
To adjust length of unit for different riders,
unscrew spring-loaded quick release knob, lift,
and move bottom support bar

photo by Doug Martin

● Easy to maintain proper form

The padded seat and back, along with the supportive foot pedals and effective design, make it easy for me to workout with the proper form. In addition, it’s very easy to mount and dismount this exercise bike.


● Parts are in one package

All the parts, including the nuts, bolts, and washers, come in one shrink-wrapped package. As I assembled my bike, I peeled back the shrink wrapping to access the parts I needed.

● Tools are included

All the tools you need for assembly, including two wrenches, 1 Allen wrench with a Phillips head on the other end, are included. At first, I found the wrenches were a little difficult to use. With practice, though, they did get the job done.

As a substitute for the supplied wrenches, you might try a small adjustable wrench.

● One person to assemble

Even though the instructions recommend two people to assemble this exercise bike, I put mine together by myself. I felt the most difficult part was when I was holding the front post while I connected the tension cable and the wires to the computer.

However, even that part turned out to be surprisingly easy. Taking it slow, I just followed the step-by-step illustrations included with the assembly instructions. The tension cable attached together pretty easily.

After I connected the tension cable, I carefully pushed the cable back down into the steel tube while I slipped the front post onto the main frame. It was so easy that even I could do it by myself!

● One hour or less to assemble

Before assembly, I read the step I would be working on. Then, I slowly gathered the parts I needed and followed instructions. My philosophy is that it’s actually faster to go slower and do it right the first time.

My assembly time was about 45-to-60 minutes. That included the time it took to clean up all the packing materials and store it in my garage.

After I assembled everything, I used a sanitizing spray to wipe down the machine. The padded seat and back seemed to be have a lot of factory dust that I had to wipe clean.

Final verdict on my

Marcy recumbent exercise bike review

I’m so impressed with this recumbent exercise bike. It is a solid piece of exercise equipment that should last for many years. Best of all, it has a reasonable price. In fact, the low price was almost unbelievable (shhh, don’t tell anyone), especially given its high quality.

Despite lots of cycling, I don’t have the normal knee pain I usually get with other exercise bicycles. Instead, this recumbent bike is a pain-free way to improve my metabolic rate and strengthen my cardiovascular system.

If you want to exercise at home, I strongly recommend you try the Marcy recumbent exercise bike.

By Doug Martin, Opportunity Muse.

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