Stamina 1690 Power Tower review

My Stamina 1690 Power Tower review

After using my Stamina 1690 Power Tower for over 5 years, I thought I’d share my experiences with this inexpensive bodyweight workout tower. I’ll give you a quick back-story first, and then my Stamina 1690 Power Tower review.

Why I bought the Stamina Power Tower

Back in 2012, I had just moved to a new home. One thing I missed was the park I used to go to exercise. There, I’d spend 45 minutes running, and in between, I’d do pull-ups on one of the park’s cheap pull-up bars.

I’m not a professional athlete (definitely not), and I’m not a personal trainer (not even close). All I am is a guy who could always lose a few pounds and keep my blood pressure in check. I’m also a person who wants to stay in shape as I enter my senior years. So, I had to keep doing pull-ups.

To replace my old public park’s simple pull-up bar, I searched Amazon for an inexpensive but well-built workout station where I could continue with my pull-ups. That’s where I found the Stamina 1690 Power Tower.


This power tower is similar to one I had used in a gym. With one piece of equipment, you can do pull-ups, which is what I mostly bought it for. You can also do push-ups, chin-ups, dips, knee and leg raises, and even sit-ups. The more you use this tower, the more creative you’ll get.

• Solid steel frame

The Stamina power tower is built to last. The frame is made out of solid steel (hollow 1.5-inch steel pipes). I’ve had mine since 2012. During that time, I’ve used it almost every day.

In 2014, I even had to dismantle it so I could move to another house. After I dismantled the power tower, I tied the posts together to keep them from bouncing around in the moving truck.

When I arrived at my new destination, reassembly was easy. The solid steel frame was not damaged or twisted out of shape. All the bolts fit snugly back into position, and it looked like a brand new power tower.

steel frame
1.5 inch-thick steel frame supports 250 pounds —
it’s stable, steady, and solid

photo by Doug Martin

• Size

The footprint is a compact 49 inches by almost 43 inches. The height is 81 inches, which should accommodate many body sizes.

Because the footprint is so compact, I ended up putting the power tower in my garage. There, I could do my exercises and when I was finished, the equipment stayed out-of-sight in the garage.

• Power tower weight

Despite the solid steel frame, the Stamina power tower weighs a manageable 58 pounds. It’s easy to reposition on the floor, but still stable enough that it doesn’t rock or shake during your workout.

• Body weight limit

According to the manufacturer, the power tower can handle body weight up to 250 pounds. My own body weight fluctuates a little, but generally falls within the range of 175-to-195 pounds.

Based on my experiences, I bet this power tower could handle more than 250 pounds with ease. However, to be safe, go by the manufacturer’s guidelines.

• Assembly required

After I opened the box, all the parts and tools were nicely arranged. Easy-to-follow assembly instructions were included. To make the assembly process look less intimidating, I laid all the parts out on the garage floor. That way, it was easy to start putting the frame together, one piece at a time.

Assembly took me about 45 minutes to one hour. One thing that might have made the assembly process even easier would be if the manufacturer had labeled each part of the frame with a letter or number. Even so, the parts are so unique looking that it’s difficult to mess it up.

Solid, stable frame

One reviewer on Amazon complained that this brand of power tower was flimsy and unstable. I disagree completely. I’ve found this exercise tower to be solid, well-built, and stable even during the most difficult exercises.

I think after my first year of use, I had to go back and tighten a few of the bolts. Since then, however, they’ve held their positions.

It’s possible that one dissatisfied reviewer was not using proper form when using the power tower. Even though I’m not a professional personal trainer, I know the importance of proper form when exercising.

For me, the frame is stable, even when I do lots of pull-ups, 90-degree leg-lifts, and crunches. There’s no shaking, no leaning or rocking. This power tower is solid and stable.

heavy bolts, washers, nuts
The frame is secured by heavy-duty
bolts, washers, and nuts

photo by Doug Martin

5-year frame warranty is included

The manufacturer includes a 5-year frame warranty, along with a 90-day parts warranty. However, the solid steel frame is so strong and stable, that I doubt that the manufacturer has many warranty claims.

My power tower has been through over 6 years of almost daily use and one move to a new location. During that time, the frame has not bent or rusted. It’s an amazingly solid piece of exercise equipment.

My recommendation

Even after all these years of use, I’m still amazed with my Stamina 1690 Power Tower. It’s been a durable, stable piece of exercise equipment that was as good as, or maybe even better, than the pull-up station I used at the gym.

Good value

Best of all, power tower is a bargain. For a cheapskate like me, the price I pay for any consumer item is important. I want to be sure I’m getting a good value. I’m sure you want good values, too.

Well, this power tower is one of the best exercise equipment values available. I have a feeling I’ll be using this power tower for the rest of my life, even if I live to be 99 years old.

By Doug Martin, Opportunity Muse.

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