Vasagle vintage coffee table review

My Vasagle vintage coffee table review

This is my Vasagle vintage coffee table review. My review is based on my personal experiences with this inexpensive but well-built and stylish piece of furniture.

I want quality, but I want to pay a fair price

Okay, so I’m frugal. However, that doesn’t mean I’m cheap. When I shop, I want to be sure I’m getting a quality product for a competitive price.

My guess is that you feel the same way I do. After all, you work hard for your money, too. You want to spend it wisely, and maybe have a little left over to make your money work for you by investing.

For the past few months, I had been shopping online for a coffee table. As I shopped, I saw hundreds of styles. Most of what I liked were in the $100-to-$300 price range.

The high end of that price range seems pretty costly for a coffee table, but in the past, I’ve paid $400 for an all-wood model.

Found it on Amazon

After months of shopping, the Vasagle vintage coffee table suddenly appeared in my suggestions list on Amazon. I immediately liked the simple, utilitarian style, and I especially liked the inexpensive price.

So, I ordered my coffee table.

Two different brand names had me confused

After I had placed my order, I went back to verify that everything was processed correctly. I had also ordered two other items, and they looked good.

However, instead of the Vasagle product name, my order indicated the Songmics product name. Did I make a mistake and order the wrong brand?

Vasagle and Songmics

After I double-checked, I saw I did order the Vasagle vintage coffee table, but for some reason the order showed the Songmics name. From what I could see, the seller was named Songmics Direct, and they carried a wide range of items made for the home.

Their product line included the Vasagle brand of quality furniture. The pictures were of the same coffee table, so after thoroughly verifying the product I ordered, I was satisfied that my order was correct.

If you order this coffee table, you’ll probably run into the same brand name discrepancy that I found. Either way, if you order the Vasagle vintage coffee table, that’s what you’ll get. At least, that’s what I got.

I really like how this coffee table looks, plus it’s very sturdy

My Vasagle vintage coffee table review

UPS delivered the box, and the driver voluntarily lifted it inside the front door for me. I was surprised how heavy it was. That’s a good sign, because somehow I equate a heavy weight with higher quality.

Of course, that’s not always true.

Box had damage on the side

The long, slim box was damaged on one side. Since I was anxious to see if there was any product damage, I quickly used my utility knife to slice through the shipping tape.

Contents were protected with Styrofoam padding

I found Styrofoam padding along the vulnerable sides of the package, including the area that was damaged during shipping. The padding provided good protection for all the parts.

I was relieved to find no damage anywhere. After taking out the parts, I carefully inspected the iron frames, along with the particle-board top.

There were no scratches, nicks, or damage of any kind. Each item was in perfect shape.

all the parts were well-protected
All the parts were well-protected
during shipping, and everything was
included for easy assembly

photo by Doug Martin

Everything you need for assembly is included

After I removed all the parts and grouped them together on the floor, I realized everything I needed for assembly was included. The only tool I needed was an Allen wrench, and that was also included with the bolts, adjustable feet, and spare parts.

In addition to the two sizes of bolts, there was an incredibly sturdy iron mesh shelf, along with an iron tabletop support. There were also four heavy-duty iron legs to hold the tabletop and mesh shelf in place.

In general, I’ve found that all the products I’ve bought online that needed assembly had always included the necessary tools. For instance, I recently bought a recumbent exercise bike and a low-profile bed frame. Everything was included, and they were easy to assemble.

Assembly was fast

Including the time to unpack the box, total assembly took me about 45 minutes. However, I was taking photos along the way, so your assembly time might be even faster.

The diagrams made it easy to follow each numbered step. There were long bolts that screwed through the tabletop frame into the laminated particle board.

One reviewer on Amazon reported that when he screwed the bolts into the tabletop, they went in too far and damaged the surface. I didn’t have that problem. In fact, I believe there was at least 1/4-of-an-inch clearance to spare in the pre-drilled holes to prevent damage to the wooden surface.

bolt frame to tabletop
Use supplied bolts to attach frame
to tabletop, but be sure not to over-tighten

photo by Doug Martin

legs attach to frame
The heavy-duty iron legs attach
securely to the metal frame

photo by Doug Martin

One difficult part of assembly

For me, there was one logistical problem with assembly. It was when I added the heavy metal mesh shelf and tried to position it while I inserted the bolts.

I was working alone, and I had to physically balance the mesh frame while I inserted the bolts. It was heavy, too. My solution was to quickly insert one bolt without tightening. Then, I inserted a bolt on another leg, also without tightening.

By the time I got to the third leg, I was able to insert the bolt and even tighten it a little. I did all this while supporting the heavy mesh shelf with one hand.

After I had one bolt inserted through the mesh shelf into each of the four supporting legs, I went back and inserted the second bolt into each of the four legs. During the process, I snugged each bolt tight.

It might take two people to support the shelf

Even though it was a struggle, I was able to support the mesh shelf in the proper position while I inserted the bolts. However, if you find it too difficult to support the heavy mesh shelf during assembly, it would be best to recruit a helper.

support wire mesh frame
I had to support the heavy wire mesh
frame while I lined up and secured the bolts —
this step might require two people

photo by Doug Martin

After attaching the adjustable feet, assembly was finished

The last assembly step was when I screwed in the combination adjustable feet and floor protectors. Then, I hand-turned them tightly into the frame, I went back and tightened all the other bolts.

After assembly, I turned the table right-side up

When I was finished assembling all the parts, I turned the heavy coffee table right-side up. I was surprised how good it looked. Wow, I was pretty happy with this inexpensive coffee table.

Dimensions and other specs

Like I wrote above, this table felt pretty heavy. In addition, I was surprised at how large it was. Here are the dimensions and weight of the assembled coffee table:

Weight: a little over 30 pounds
Height: 17.7 inches (adjustable feet allow a little variability in height)
Width: 23.7 inches
Length: 41.8 inches

This coffee table feels very sturdy. And, by very sturdy, I mean extremely sturdy. I think this could easily hold a large flat-panel television, as long as the television feet don’t extend beyond the table.

Weight capacity of the tabletop: 264 pounds
Weight capacity of the metal shelf: 88 pounds

I wish the metal shelf were higher

Even though the coffee table is well-designed, I wish the lower metal shelf were higher. Right now, the mesh shelf is only 1.5 inches away from the floor. For me, that’s not a good level for easy cleaning underneath.

I think the shelf could easily be 4-to-5 inches away from the floor. That greater distance would make it easier to vacuum underneath without moving the whole table out of the way.

Keep out of direct sunlight

The instruction manual tells us to keep the table out of direct sunlight. In addition, we should keep the tabletop dry. I guess that means I can’t put a beer can or coffee cup on the table without a coaster.

Both too much sun and too much standing moisture might cause the laminated veneer cover to peel. I think that’s mostly common sense, but I’m glad they included those caveats in the instructions.

How does it look?

I think the Vasagle vintage coffee table looks awesome! I’m really happy with my purchase.

From my perspective, this coffee table has more of a contemporary, industrial feel. It’s doesn’t look very “vintage” to me. Maybe that’s just semantics, though.

The simple but functional styling means this coffee table would fit in a wide variety of interior designs. It would fit right into a contemporary setting, or an industrial design which I really love.

I like it so much, I might buy matching side tables

I’m so happy with my new Vasagle vintage coffee table that I want to buy matching side tables. Two side tables would really tie the whole vintage or contemporary look together for my living space.

If I go ahead with my additional purchase, I’ll write a review and let you know how they make my new scenic interior scenario work.

By Doug Martin, Opportunity Muse.

Photos, graphics, and writing are copyright © protected
by Doug Martin and Opportunity Muse.
All rights reserved.

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